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Can Alcohol and Exercise Work Out?

There is a surprising amount of literature on the relationship between exercise and alcohol. It is the classic conundrum: exercise[…]

Marvelous Magnesium

Ingredient Spotlight: Marvelous Magnesium

In recent years, more people than ever are carefully choosing exactly what goes into their bodies, and diet-friendly dishes appear[…]

Six Drinks, Six Canapés, and Some Survivor

Our first Survivor Salon, held at L’Escargot, brought together a lively bunch to learn more about alcohol, how it impacts[…]

Is Alcohol Healthy? Spoiler alert: No.

As anyone with a Facebook account can confirm, the notion that ‘a glass of wine is healthy’ has always attracted[…]

The Typical Survivor

Don Draper drinks an old fashioned. James Bond shakes his Martini. Carrie Bradshaw and co. clink their Cosmos. The Dude[…]

A Brief Sociological History of Alcohol

Despite its unnatural effects, pure alcohol is entirely natural in its composition. The first wines and spirits emerged from fermented[…]