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The Typical Survivor

Don Draper drinks an old fashioned. James Bond shakes his Martini. Carrie Bradshaw and co. clink their Cosmos. The Dude swigs a White Russian. Even Harry Potter has been known to indulge in a (naturally non-alcoholic) butterbeer, while Hannibal Lecter pops the cork on a nice Chianti. Alcohol is embedded[…]

Is Alcohol Healthy? Spoiler alert: No.

As anyone with a Facebook account can confirm, the notion that ‘a glass of wine is healthy’ has always attracted the 40-something-year-old ‘mom crowd.’ Memes of giant wine glasses are lauded by red-faced commentators, all of whom are eager to supplement their daily bottle of vino with cold, hard facts.[…]

A Brief Sociological History of Alcohol

Despite its unnatural effects, pure alcohol is entirely natural in its composition. The first wines and spirits emerged from fermented grain, the juice of various fruits, and even honey, the latter of which was the base of the popular Ancient Greek mead. From China to Babylon to undiscovered America, humans[…]