About Us

Our journey started at the end of a wedding – hit with the post-party blues, a cracking headache, and a cousin in his late thirties retching into the porcelain, we realised that enough was enough, something had to change. We’d had it with crippling hangovers. We were growing older, finding the first grey hairs – and had wasted so much time feeling lousy. We wanted to do something with our life. And that’s without mentioning the enormous damage alcohol had been inflicting on us. Of course, the solution was to stop drinking. But let’s be realistic…

So on we went to try the hundreds of so-called ‘hangover cures’ – everyone has their own,  ranging from the mundane – water, a cooked breakfast, over-the-counter painkillers – to the rather more unorthodox – anchovies, pickle conserve, cold-pressed beetle juice extracted by a scantily-clothed virgin under the full moon… Yet ultimately they all fell flat.

The head pounded on, the cold sweats continued – ultimately they had a very limited impact, if at all. So, finding something to ameliorate hangovers became a personal headache. This desperation gave birth to Survivor as a concept.

The big break came in getting Prof. Dr. Kubiena on board – not only was this one of the most eminent authorities in medicine today as a former VP of the Red Cross, but also her experience was perfectly suited for our needs. Specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Prof. Dr. Kubiena suggested looking into two ingredients which had been used medicinally for thousands of years – however using modern techniques to extract the active ingredients at their highest purity and bioavailability. This was the birth of Survivor as a legitimate formulation.

Our Advisors

These three authorities were the academic muscle behind Survivor, uniting scientific, medical, and pharmacological realms in developing our unique formulation.

Simon Williams

Food Scientist, Nutritionist

Simon is a director of one of Europe’s largest nutraceutical suppliers, as well as over twenty years’ formulation expertise as a food and nutritional scientist.

Prof. Dr. Gertrude Kubiena

Ex-Red Cross Vice President

Across a fascinating career which saw her as a high-ranking politician, Prof. Dr. Kubiena was a former Vice President of the Red Cross, author of 20+ books, Austrian Civic Cross recipient, and now a Director at Survivor.

Mag. Elisabeth Waidmann


An experienced Austrian pharmacologist specialising in mineral, herbal and traditional supplementation.

The Team

It might have been the scientific triumvirate above which helped formulate Survivor – but it was the Team which breathed life into the concept and creed which stands at the core of Survivor.

Laurence Cardwell

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

An Englishman born in Austria, our CEO grew up in tropical Costa Rica. He graduated from St Andrews University, Scotland, with a First Class MA Joint Honours Degree in History and Management, whilst spending time in the Army and a few television shows.

With an equally colourful professional life – the International Chamber of Commerce, co-founding a luxury real estate brand in Spain, working at the Vatican, teaching Critical Thinking at Dulwich College, launching a crêperie, to working for operational venture capital firm Rocket Internet – the pace never slowed. Yet one element never improved over time – atrocious hangovers. This depressing realisation was the spark behind Survivor.  


Richard Tidman

Chief Marketing Officer

Richard heads up brand, acquisition and retention marketing for Survivor and brings 25 years of experience developing marketing and advertising solutions to the team.

Career highlights have seen Richard play an instrumental role in developing strategy and executing campaigns for many of the worlds leading FMCG, technology and luxury brands including; Nestlé, Coca Cola, Pfizer, EE, Skype and Farfetch.

Richard has also worked with a number of startup and growth companies, helping them establish their brand and marketing operations, undertake ambitious digital transformation initiatives and adopt emerging technologies to further their commercial impact.

Natasha Franks

Public Relations Manager

Following an American-Swiss education, Natasha left sunny Baltimore for less sunny St Andrews, Scotland, to study English Literature.

Between developing an appreciation for a well-stirred martini, she attended the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, wrote for the Huffington Post and did PR for a hedge fund while finishing an evening degree in Economics at Birkbeck. She is a firm believer in Survivor’s mission to unite partying and productivity.

Philipp Polack

Marketing Manager

Philipp joined the Survivor team in late September 2018 after finishing his Bachelor in Management at Cass Business School, London. He has since been involved in all parts of the business including Marketing, Social Media, Accounting and Operations.

As a German, he knows too well about the delicate balance between party and productivity, between lederhosen and suit trousers. Thanks to Survivor he can wear lederhosen to work.

The Original Survivors

These were the original brave souls who supported the rogue horse that would become Survivor, and as such are a sort of founding community – the Survivors. They live and breathe the Survivor mantra – no compromise between party and productivity.

Josef Habsburg

A qualified futures broker, a former paratrooper, and Army reserves officer, following a First from Exeter, Jozsi loves pushing the limits of physical and mental endurance. That said, he hates how hangovers stand in his way. ‘…Studying and working weren’t the only things I did at university… I wanted to do everything. This is how Survivor caught my interest.’

Laszlo de Brissac

Laszlo de Brissac

Despite his rather serious job as Product Manager at Google, Laszlo is anything but serious. A distinguished graduate from UCL with a First in Computer Sciences, Laszlo will never say no to an adventure or a party, and indeed as he readily admits, ‘a fun story never started with a glass of water.’

Louis de Malartic

As a Frenchman working in Madrid for the luxury brand Hermès and Exeter graduate, Louis knows far too well the indelicate balance between work and play, having seen many colleagues fall in their attempts to master both. He first sampled an early version of Survivor at a festival, and was converted, convinced both on a personal level and as an unmissable market opportunity.


Paul Habsburg

Paul Habsburg

Having spent time working as a commodities trader, and a raucous time at university juggling the polar opposite worlds of captaining the American Football team while being President of the Catholic Society demands some fairly opposing states of mind – though all-too well-represented, hangovers have no place in either…


Ferdinand Habsburg

Ferdinand is a Formula 3 racing driver, one profession you cannot accuse of being boring. As a result, he lives an incredibly intense lifestyle, where lavish champagne-stained victory parties clash with the imperative to have an impeccably clear head – precision is not a choice, it is crucial – it can mean the difference between victory – and on the other extreme – even death.


Ludovico Leopardi

Having worked for the likes of Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, this veritable Italian powerhouse, driven by his work hard, play harder mentality, genuine enthusiasm for nutrition and physiology and all the creativity his Durham First could afford him, joined Survivor’s quest for a solution to a universal and age-old struggle, having joined the operational team for a number of months.

Ludovic Meaby

Ludovic Meaby

Between directing TEDxStAndrews, professional rugby, and an MA Joint Hons in Mathematics and Philosophy, Ludovic launched the highly amusing and successful crêperie Ludo & Lolo’s alongside Laurence. With an extensive understanding of the online marketing world following work for French cosmetics giant L’Oréal, he isn’t afraid of mentioning his modeling career when convincing clients that Survivor does the trick. Ludovic is always up for a pleasant drink, and as such has followed Laurence in creating Survivor, largely out of necessity, from its earliest days.

Didrik Bahre

Didrik Bahre

Our in-house Scandinavian, where drinking and culture are painfully inseparable, Didrik knows that unforgiving loan shark, alcohol, rather too well. Having a remarkably broad life experience, growing up in Norway and Sweden, he served as an officer in the former’s armed forces, run a vineyard in Tuscany, studied International Relations at St Andrews and Finance at Cass Business School, while also being infamous in his party-throwing capacity as an organiser of the charity fashion show Don’t Walk, and the Scandinavian Society, where the Acquavit would have everyone’s heads pounding for days to come. ‘Skål to Survivor!’